Cort Does Science...and Life :)

I am excited to share a new outlet, my newsletter, with you!

For those who found themselves here and don’t know what CortDoesScience is all about - My name is Cortney Gensemer (AKA Dr. Gensemer, Cortney, Cort, Dr. G). I’m a PhD scientist studying the Ehlers Danlos Syndromes and related co-morbidities (such as MCAS and POTS).

I also happen to live with these things myself. Between my personal experience and professional expertise, I’ve found that I am able to fill a gap in the patient community, providing lay-friendly resources and updates to those who want to understand more about what’s going on with their body and what’s going on in the research world. 

I started my Instagram account @CortDoesScience in 2021 to share EDS resources and provide educational materials. This newsletter is a chance for me to share that same science and "life" with you!